Keeping in Touch

The reunion was a ton of fun and it was so great catching up with everyone.  Let’s not lose touch between now and the next reunion!  The best way to stay connected is through our Facebook page.  It will be updated much more frequently than this site.  So….  Click here!

Until next time!


Reunion Tickets On Sale Now!

OK, classmates! We have finalized plans and expenses for the reunion and it’s time to get your tickets! We managed to lower our ticket price by $10 from the last reunion, thanks to some awesome donations! Woo hoo! Click below and get your tickets before May 2nd so we can get an accurate guest count. The sooner the better! Thanks!

Oh, and it’s not too late to donate. More donations mean more food, drinks and fun!

Please Donate to the Reunion!

We have a lot of classmates volunteering their time and talents to the reunion. So far we’ve been offered free DJ-ing, stand-up comedy entertainment, and free cab services so classmates have safe rides home. We would like to be able to thank our amazing volunteers for their services, while also hosting an amazing party at a reasonable price to our classmates. If you are able, please consider donating to the reunion to help us in our efforts by CLICKING HERE!

Our Definition of “Classmate”

It seems to be a collective point of view among the AHS graduating class of 1995 that we don’t judge your classmate status based on whether or not you were there with us on graduation day in 1995.  Were you in classes with us at any point along the way (elementary/middle/high school)?  Were you in our class and then had to move?  Were you unable to graduate “on time” for whatever reason?  If you were on track to graduate with us in 1995, you’re a classmate (whether you made it to graduation or not).

Still not sure if you’re a part of the crew?  Click “Fill Us In!” above and send us your info anyway, along with any comments/questions you have.

Go Panthers!